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Tempting narrowly avoids awful fate…

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Okay — so this past Sunday, my Tempting was tied in a plastic grocery bag and set out by the back door to go in the trash. Pretty extreme, huh? But I was sick of looking at it. It’s a long, drawn out story, but I guess that’s what blogland is all about, right? Where else am I going to tell me long boring stories?

So I was cruising right along, happy with my little project and had finally bound off the last stitch. I had decided I’d use i-cord in the same yarn as the body for the tie. So I start the i-cord and guess what, I run out of yarn. Well, I only used 2 skeins of Cotton-Ease for this project, and it galled me to consider purchasing another entire skein for the last 15″ of i-cord. I just wouldn’t stand for it. And I had noticed last time I tried it on that it seemed a smidge long. So, I think to myself, why not rip a few inches off the bottom and finish up the i-cord with that? BAD IDEA. Guess what? You can’t rip out 2×2 rib from the bottom. Stockinette, yes. Ribbing, uh uh.

So I’m fight with it, pulling the loose end through every other stitch. OMG it was a PITA. And then I had to try to pick the stitches back up and bind off the bottom. Well, between it being black yarn and in that 2×2 rib. That was nearly impossible. I made a huge mess of it, but figured I’d fix it later. So I finish the i-cord. Thread it through the eyelets, try it on and look in the mirror. It looked *horrible.* Really horrible. Not only was it still too long, but the eyelet holes were much too big for my little 2-stitch i-cord — they basically looked like big gaping holes. And the top edge was all puckered.

That’s when I wadded the whole thing up and got ready to throw it in the trash. Somehow, Todd convinced me to throw it into the basement instead of taking it out to the curb.

So I wake up the next day and I know how to fix it. I frogged from the top edge down past the eyelets and the re-bound off. I ripped out my horrid binding off job on the bottom, cut off an inch of knitting (yes, with scissors), then painstakingly and carefully picked up stitches while picking out all the loose pieces of yarn. Then I bound the bottom of neatly. I threaded the i-cord at the very top edge of the sweater with no eyelets, just right through the holes in the knitting and tied it in a bow. Tried it on. Hooray! It’s actually a piece of clothing I will wear. I bought a skirt and sandals to match in order to celebrate:

I'm sorry, I was too lazy to write an alt tag for this picture

I was going to wear my new get up this weekend, but just my luck, it’s supposed to be so cold, we may actually get snow flurries. Oh well, sometime this summer, my new outfit will be making it’s public debut.

In other news, my last KSS stocking went even worse than the Blueberry one and I ended up selling three magnolia soakers instead of one. My own fault. I’ve been tinkering around with the Hyena Cart code quite a bit lately and had finally consolidated the HC and MDF codes so they worked off the same kernel. However, some of the logic statements said something like, ‘if the host is middayfaire.com, do such-and-such.’ It totally slipped my mind that some people still use the www. So two customers who logged into www.middayfaire.com were able to purchase the soaker at 12 noon EST (HC time) rather than 12 noon CST (MDF time). Anyway, I’ve got to get knitting on those, as well as the custom order from last month (thanks to that special customer for her amazing patience), and also one little surprise project for MDF, before I can get started on the Honeymoon Cami. Oh, and the Ribbon Xback from the latest knitty has caught my eye as well. Now if only they’d let me knit during meetings at work…


Worst photography ever?

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This is, quite possibly, the worst self-portrait ever taken in the history of the internet:

I'm sorry, I was too lazy to write an alt tag for this picture

but I guess you get the idea. Tonight was the first time I’ve had a chance to pick up my knitting since about a week ago. I did a bunch of coding for Hyena Cart, and then we spent the weekend camping in temperatures that were much too low to consider pulling out the knitting needles. I did go back and add a few more inches to the body before I attached the sleeves. And I went ahead and bound off the underarm stitches because I couldn’t stand seeing those big, gaping holes. I’m glad I tried it on, though because I definitely don’t see the need for 5 inches of yoke. I’m thinking 2-3 will be plenty, but I’ll keep trying it on to be sure. It’s not as see-through as it looks in the pic. I think that was just the flash picking out the fabric underneath which would usually be in shadow.

Here’s a better pic of just the sweater:

I'm sorry, I was too lazy to write an alt tag for this picture

Should be done pretty soon. Which is good because I’ve got a couple of orders to work on. And then I’ll get started on the Honeymoon Cami. Can’t wait for that! Should be fun. And thanks Jayme for pointing out the Honeymoon knitalong. And the designers blog, Mind of Winter is fun to read too.

I haven’t decided what to do about the ribbon yet. I’m not a ribbon kind of a person. Still thinking…