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Gettin’ back in the embellishment groove :)

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Some of you may have noticed I was taking a break from embellishing. I was a little burned out, but I think I’m ready to get back to it. Just in time too, because next on the to-do list is a bunch of fun designs for that custom slot I auctioned oh, when was that? Back in March, I think. We’ve been back and forth on design, sizing, etc. but we’re getting closer to the finished product 🙂 I’ll be sure to post pics!

So here’s Vincent, which I knitted up on the drive down to the beach, and embellished as soon as we got back. I just love this painting, don’t you? I’d love to see the original someday.

I have a few more ideas coming up, including one inspired by our vacation 🙂

Oh, and I even got the itch to start working on my cabled sweater, St. Brigid. I’ve been debating about starting another Honeymoon Cami — I love this little number! I’ve been wearing it all summer. I want to do another one in a nicer yarn and with a slimmer fit. Maybe next year. I’ve also got Haiku on the brain for both kids and maybe a Sonnet for myself. Keep me cosy in the winter. So much knitting to do, so many nice patterns to choose from, so little time!


Fun with color :)

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You know, I think I love dyeing yarn so much because it’s a chance to play with color. Who gets to do that as an adult? Espcially as a mechanical engineer, lol? And I never use color straight out of the bottle. I mix on the fly, change my mind in the middle, pour leftovers together and throw it on the yarn… It’s always fun and surprising. Here’s the result of my latest playtime (click for larger pic):

I'm sorry, I was too lazy to write an alt tag for this picture

I think that’s also what keeps knitting soakers over and over again from getting boring for me. The pattern and yarn may be the same, but the colors are always different. And I love seeing the transition points between colors. Plus, the transparency of the colors on top of the lustrous BFL and FBF yarns always keeps me interested. Anyway, I’m looking forward to knitting up this batch 🙂