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Four Seasons soaker and Marsupial Mamas :)

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Yup, I’ve been busy lately. Luckily, Thanksgiving gave me quite a bit of time for knitting and embroidering while the kids played with various family members.

For those of you who were looking for more pictures of my surprise, you can see it here.

My other major project has been these Marsupial Mamas. I especially like how the koalas came out 🙂 The whole time I was working on the embroidery, I pondered on how smart animals are. I mean, what better way to make sure your baby is safe and happy than to just keep her with you at all times?

I’m feeling the urge to knit something non-KSS again. Maybe I’ll actually go back to that cabled sweater and finish it this season. Maybe?


I feel an eclipse coming on…

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And I’m pretty excited about my little surprise. Here’s a bit of a sneak preview: