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A few little things…

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I challenged myself to see if I could knit something fun in a few hours or less. I had loads of fun surfing the ‘net for cute patterns and then ended up making up my own (although the dino is based on this super-cute kitty)

Whaddya think?


I just love my hobby…

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Here are a few reasons why…

1) I resumed work on a sweater I haven’t worked on since before the kids were born. Picked it up, and started knitting, like no time at all had passed. How many projects can sit by the wayside for 5 years and then be resumed that easily?

2) Knitting is just so forgiving of mistakes. There have to be about 30 errors in this 5 inch length of sweater, but you know what? I can hardly even find them anymore. I mean, I could *not* get the stitch counts to work out on this pattern, but I just kept knitting and finally realized I was 3 short on one side and 2 stitches short on the other. Duh. No wonder the numbers weren’t working. But you know what? I just m1 a few times and off I went.

3) I get to dye yarn and make things like this:

What fun!!

Oh, and here’s a picture of the Luxe pants I embellished for K. I love that Luxe logo. So peaceful 🙂