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Here’s Bubby Bunny

Filed under: General — Karen @ 10:28 am

OK — I finished Bubby Bunny and the rest of that yarn is going in the donate pile. It was a pain in the rear to knit with (especially since it was bulky and I was knitting it on size 6’s — they’re the only dpn’s I have!). But despite the difficulties, I think she turned out pretty cute. And much bigger than a typical Bubby, which is nice. Jules decided she wanted a Miffy-style face, so that’s what she got.

So yes, I’m done with toys for a while now. I have the last soaker to knit from my ‘Trio of Neutrals’ listing in, oh geez, was it November?? — No, I just checked, it was the beginning of December. Anyway, this customer had the brilliant idea of doing a Lord of the Rings trilogy, so we’ve had Rivendell, Lorien, and this last one will feature the tree of Gondor. So fun 🙂

I’d still like to dye some yarn, maybe later today and list a few semi-custom slots early next week. And for those who are interested, I’ll be listing a fully custom, you-pick-everything slot at the Fluff Factory auctions starting February 26th.


I’m obsessed with knitting toys!

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OK, first of all, apparently I now have knitting ADD. I can’t work on anything that’s going to take longer than a few evenings. I just cannot get into that cable sweater. It may never get finished, along with the three other sweaters I was going to knit out of that Alice Starmore book.

I’m loving knitting toys, though. Lookie what I finished for Iggy last night:

Here’s the pattern. It was kind of a pain knitting with chenille but I love how it made such a soft, textured fabric. I understuffed him so he’s very squishy. I was going to do Baby Bobbi bear for Jules next, but now she’s decided she wants a rabbit. So I’m going to adapt Bubby to become a Bubby bunny.

After all this, I’m ready to get back into some KSS knitting. Hopefully I’ll get to dye yarn this weekend and stock some semi-customs early next week 🙂