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Wow — I almost forgot I had a sewing machine…

Filed under: General — Karen @ 8:56 pm

I’ve had this image in my head lately, of Julia running around this summer in a slew of colorful calico dresses. So I dug out my sewing machine, raided the sale aisle of Hancock fabrics, and took advantage of some free time today to whip up a little something for her…

I was just pinning the straps and trying it on her for size. The whole thing went quite well except I don’t really know what understitching is, so I skipped it, and the zipper was a total pain in the rear end. Next time I think I’ll do buttons or something. All I know is, I hate zippers! I’ve never really gotten the hang of them. The pattern is McCall’s M4817, if you’re curious.

In other news, I’m figuring out my three customs from last week, and I’m excited about this other project — I’m knitting a fisherman’s cap for an actual fisherman! I don’t know why I find that so significant, but I do.