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Playing with color…

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I have been thinking a lot recently about the year Todd and I lived in Germany. It was before we had kids and although it was over five years ago, our memories of it are crystal clear. We absolutely adored living in Europe. Everything from the food, the history, the architecture, the cobblestone streets, to the public transportation, the *trains*, and the people. We traveled more in those 14 months than we have the rest of our lives. France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Scotland. We never went a month without going somewhere new. Anyway, as I think about that time, I have such an impression of the different colors… I thought I could do a whole series of yarns based on just those experiences.

So these are the first three:


Piazza San Marco

Mosel Valley


Finished those customs!

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Wow, I didn’t expect those three customs to take quite so long. But I should backtrack a bit. I did have one project in the works when I took those on. My fisherman’s cap, if you recall:

I made it double layered so it’s reversible and very warm, and it’s the last of the Full Belly Farm yarn I plan on using for a while. I’m too happy with the consistency and veggie-material free nature of the BFL to get more FBF for now, much as I love the farm and everything it stands for.

Anyway, the hat took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated, so I got a later start on the customs than I had expected. The first one finished was these shorts which are a perfect example of why customs are fun — they force me into trying color combinations I would never think to try on my own, but which end up being very unique and pretty. The other two customs were pure girly froo-froo:

(click the images to see more). I’m really happy with how both of them came out. But I have no stamina these days! I’m burned out on customs for a little while. My plan is to dye yarn for sale in the next week or so and also begin work on some surprises for the next eclipse 😉