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I’ve been a busy bee this weekend…

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Every once in a while, I wonder, what would it be like to be a ‘normal’ person. What if I didn’t feel the need, to knit, dye yarn, monitor emails and improve the HC code all the time? Would I be more focused? Would I have more time to relax? And then I realized, no, I would just find something else to obsess about. I should just be happy that I’ve found such rewarding outlets for my energies 😛

So anyway, I’ve been busy this weekend. I got a few clear hours to dye yarn (Julia helped a lot, Isaac was napping) and finished up some detailing on the soakers in this pic:

I know, I’ve posted this pic all over the place, but I’m just happy with it: light was perfect this afternoon and I *actually* remembered to pick up the fruit when we went to the grocery store this morning. That’s a preview for our next Random Eclipse stocking on June 21st. I’m personally very excited to see what the other RE mamas have come up with 🙂

I also dyed some yarn for a custom order and three colorways for my next KSS stocking:

Rose Window

Ben An


So that should be enough to keep me busy for a while… Until I get obsessive again.