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What I’m doing this weekend…

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Well, I’ve hidden these for the past month, while I worked on them. But when I pulled them out earlier this week to take pics, the kids caught me and it was with *great* difficulty that I managed to pry Mumfred out of Isaac’s fingers. The only way I managed it was to promise him to make him another one this weekend. So that’s my job now, lol. And of course, Julia needs one too. This is despite the fact that they each already own prototype monsters 😉

Anyway, come check them out if you like:





Latest projects

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Been working on a lot of little things.

First off, I finished the Oostende project. My very patient and understanding customer asked for a hat, scarf and mitten set with a few snowflakes embroidered on. Here’s the lovely scarf she requested. You can click the image to see more pics:

It was a fun project and at the same time I’m happy to be done with it 🙂

So let’s see — I used my newfound crocheting skills to make a much-needed basket. Up until now, our seashells from the beach just sat directly on our wood table, scratching up the surface and looking pretty random. Now, thanks to this:

they look like this:

Much better!

So now I’m working on a cardigan for a baby on the way (friends’ not ours). It’s from the Greetings from Knit Cafe book by Suzan Mischer. I love this book. There are multiple things in here I need to make. This is the cardie (pic from book):

Here’s my current progress:

I love how this honeycomb stitch gives such a lovely diagonal pattern:

Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on the yummy sounding yarn called for in the pattern, so I’m just using a plain ol’ acrylic yarn from Joann’s. It’s a pretty color though, and at least the cardie will be machine washable (good for spit-up!)

After this, I *have* to make this skirt:

This particular color of Twisted Sister Daktari is on back order at Yarnmarket, but I’m on the waiting list. Supposedly it’s at the dye house and will be available in the next few weeks. I can’t wait 🙂 I am a bit apprehensive because I’ve heard that the colors can vary more than they should (see Mind of Winter), but I’m staying optimistic for now.

Julia has the craft-y streak in her as well. I can already tell. I taught her to finger knit a few weeks ago and she rapidly made herself a cute little pink scarf. This past week, I’ve been teaching her how to crochet. She’s this far into her first washcloth:

I did the first two rows, just to get it set up, but she’s done the rest with some coaching. She catches on amazingly quickly!

And what about KSS stuff? Well, I was going to dye yarn for the next Random Eclipse stocking, but when I went down to my workshop, I couldn’t find my containers of dye. You’ll never guess what I found instead:

More later 😉