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Cherie Amour pulling me back…

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OK — so I’ve taken a bit of hiatus from knitting. Maybe it was the summer? Or the soccer season? Or just a general need to rest in the evenings after crazy days at work? Not sure, but anyway, Cherie Amour is pulling me back. That and Ravelry, which I finally joined last week (I’m koolsheep, by the way).

I did manage, in the past six months, to decide to knit Cherie Amour, do a bunch of on-line research trying to find a suitable yarn for it in chocolate brown (I was adamant in my mind that it had to be chocolate), decide to buy the suggested yarn (Handpaintedyarn.com Merino Bulky) in a light color and over-dye in brown, and get the bodice and one sleeve done. So that’s something, right? Thing is, it should be a “quick knit” and I’ve been sitting on it for months. Anyway, here are some progress pics:

These haven’t been blocked yet. I’m looking forward to that step, because I know it will bring the lace pattern out much more clearly. I’m hoping to kick out that second sleeve quickly and finish this up.

I’m also realizing that I most enjoy knitting when it’s just a bunch of stockinette. I know that’s really boring for a lot of knitters, but I really like to knit when I’m multi-tasking, so I need mindless knitting. Even the lace pattern on the sleeves, which isn’t terribly complicated, was just complicated enough that I couldn’t watch a movie (or at least not really concentrate on it) while knitting. With stockinette, I can read, watch a movie, hold a deep conversation, etc. without even looking at what I’m doing. So that’s what I like, and that’s what I’m going to stick with for a while. Which is why this sweater is so interesting to me:

It’s a Chaiken sweater I saw at Bluefly.com. I actually bought it in a size too big because I loved it so much. But it turns out to be a very heavy cotton yarn, much too bulky for my taste, and, well, it’s too big (duh). So I’m going to return it and try to knit up a version of it using something yummy (I got some great suggestions at Ravelry and am leaning towards Misti cotton-silk.)

I would also like to knit up another Honeymoon Camisole for myself one of these days. My first one turned out great, but I used a super cheapo yarn and it’s starting to pill. Plus it was just too lightweight and doesn’t drape properly. So maybe that will be next? Lots of nice stockinette on that one too…