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Starfish shawl is done!

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Whew! That was a *ton* of knitting. But you know what? It was nice, peaceful, stress-free knitting. Knitting without having to refer to a pattern. I’m a multi-tasker knitter — I’m either watching a movie, or having a conversation, or listening to an audiobook, so it’s a real drag to have to refer to a pattern while I’m working. This was a nice, round and round, same thing over and over again pattern that still managed to result in something interesting and beautiful, and not just a plain, stockinette tube (which is probably what I would end up knitting, if I didn’t have nice patterns like this to follow).

Oh, so some pics:

You may notice that the quality of my photography has improved. That’s because of my little photographer, who even helped me find some poses that look better than just standing there (supermodel I am not) For example, here are my lame-o poses before Julia suggested I put my hands on my hips and thrust my chest out a bit (“here!”, she demonstrated, throwing herself into a runway pose. She’s a natural – I swear, as far as I know, she doesn’t know modeling is a career yet).

As I ran in the house to grab something to keep the shawl closed, she took a few self-portraits:

She is obviously much more photogenic than her mommy!

I took the shawl to work today and it was perfect for keeping the chill off from our over-air-conditioned office. And I love this yarn! It’s nice, smooth, with a nice drape, and also warm and cozy. I am almost convinced I need to knit another one of these in a different color. Of course, that’s another 3-4 months of knitting…

I had to re-order yarn twice because I’m a dingbat, and although I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, I like to ‘estimate’ when I’m knitting (hah! That means guess horribly wrong) and not actually calculate out the correct yardage. I think I’m significantly over what the pattern calls for… (1500 yd. vs. 1050) so I guess even if I had bothered to do the math, I would have had to re-order anyways. I almost had to re-order a third time, but managed to finish up with about 3 yards of yarn left (that’s cutting it kind of close, eh?)

Oh, and one other thing — you’ll notice I skipped the armholes. Most ravelers have commented that they make the shawl unwearable and I figured 1) I’d rather just knit in a circle and not go back-and-forth; and 2) when I’m cold enough to want a shawl, I’m cold enough to want it to cover my arms.

So there you go. Here’s the Ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/koolsheep/starfish-shawl

Catch y’all next time 🙂

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  1. OOOOOOO Karen, it turned out AMAZING!!!!! You look so beautiful in it!

    Comment by Kathy — 9/3/2008 @ 11:17 am

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