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So I did some knitting for the holidays, which is why I couldn’t post pics and stuff here. Didn’t want anyone to get a sneak preview of their gifts 🙂

First off, for quite a few of the women in the family, I did cotton washcloths in a basket of handmade soaps. I’ve had a soap obsession lately, so it spilled over into the Xmas gifts. Here’s a sample of how they looked — unfortunately for you, you don’t get to get a sense for how they smelled (lovely).

Next, came three pairs of Fetching (one for me, one for each of my sisters). I never realized how much warmer I’d be if my wrists were kept warm. This is a great, easy, fun, quick and useful pattern. Highly recommended!

Third, a pair of Baby Bobbi bears that didn’t get done in time for the holidays, but weren’t really a surprise anyway. The kiddos have been anxiously awaiting these. They came out a lot bigger than I expected! If these are the Baby Bobbis, I can’t imagine how big the regular ones are:

Finally, I finished the Classic Guy’s sweater from Knit Cafe. Recall I was using a DK weight yarn, but doubled up. The sweater came out a tad short on Todd (he’s 6’4″, so that shouldn’t have been a huge surprise), and I didn’t really like the rolled edge on the bottom, so I picked up stitches around the hem and added a 2×2 ribbing. It fits him much better now:

And one other little thing: the Chanel-like cardigan has never gotten the amount of wear that it could, mostly because having that front edge rolling in really irritated me. It was really detracting from the polished appearance of it. So I finally had a brainwave (replacing my earlier solution — ripping out the crab stitch and attempting to pick the stitches up in a manner which didn’t cause a roll): sew a piece of ribbon on the inside to stiffen the fabric up and force it to lay straight. Guess what? It worked beautifully. I also considered adding a zipper originally and I might still do that, but for now, the edges are straight and I will wear this more often (and it’s so soft and warm — perfect for this chilly weather). The first picture shows how it used to lay, the remaining are the ‘after’ pics.

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